Programs Division

Our programs division maintains underwriting and binding authority with numerous highly rated insurers. Our markets have granted us the ability to underwrite and bind a broad spectrum of classes and coverage in order to allow us to respond quickly and competitively to your needs.

In addition, we have developed a number of exclusive programs in conjunction with our markets which address needs specific to certain classes of business.

Our underwriters and staff are not just order takers, but find ways to put the most difficult account together for you while still being able to handle the every day main street risk.

Our individual risk underwriting approach fits the right market at the right rate, with the right coverage to each risk, and will help you win accounts. We work in conjunction with our Commercial Brokerage division to give you the best of both worlds in putting your risks together.

Programs Contact Info:
Daniel Capone
T: 201.661.2419

Jacqueline Craven
T: 201.661.2363

Brian Wagner
T: 516.304.3981